More than a few times, we’ve had people in our clinic who are getting their first denture and they are nervous that the denture is going to make clicking sounds when they talk and eat. Usually they remember a relative who had dentures and they can recall the clicking noise that was made every time the teeth came together. Well, good news! Dentures don’t make that sound anymore. The reason that older dentures made that clicking sound was because the teeth were made of porcelain. You can imagine that it must have been difficult to keep from making clicking sounds with porcelain teeth. Just as it is difficult to silently place a tea cup onto its saucer, it would have been difficult to keep from making clicking noises with porcelain teeth.

Dentures made in modern day Canada are no longer made with porcelain teeth.  The tell-tale clicking sound that alerts everyone that you are wearing dentures is a thing of the past. Denture teeth today are made of acrylic resins which is great for multiple reasons. Now, some people argue that porcelain teeth didn’t stain or wear down like acrylic teeth can. But, I’m here to tell you that those are good things! The reason that acrylic teeth have the potential to stain (though this is not a problem for most people) and the reason they wear down over time is because acrylic is a softer material than porcelain. If you have denture teeth that contact your own natural teeth, which one do you want to wear down over time? With porcelain, it was your own teeth that took the damage. With acrylic, your denture will wear down over time but your own teeth will be spared. The acrylic teeth we use today take years to wear down and they come in every possible natural shade of tooth. There are multiple reasons why the acrylic teeth we use today are superior to porcelain teeth, and, no more clink-clinking!   

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