About Our Practice

Comox Denture Clinic is a local facility situated in the heart of downtown Comox, BC, but we create smiles all over Vancouver Island. Set up in 1983, the Clinic has been providing its patients with custom, affordable dentures and top quality service.

By using premium quality materials and delivering diligent follow-up care, we make sure your smile is a long-lasting one.

Our Approach

We work closely with you, developing one-on-one relationships so that our experts can create a product that precisely matches your individual needs.

Meet Our Team

Johannes “Jan” Lefeber, R.D.

Jan has been a licenced Denturist since 1982 and he has been serving the people of the Comox Valley and surrounding areas ever since. In his early years, Jan frequently travelled to northern parts of Vancouver Island to bring his services to isolated communities. Jan’s experience is invaluable and, even after over 35 years of making dentures, he still loves what he does. He is a BPS certified Denturist and, like all registered Denturists in BC, he keeps current with continuing education every year.

Fun fact: On the rare occasion that Jan takes a full day off, he’s been known to pack up and head out to go fishing at the crack of dawn. His favorite fishing spot is Wolf Lake. There are three things that Jan is always enthusiastic to talk about: fishing, golfing and dentures.

Chelsea Wood, R.D.

Chelsea has been a licensed Denturist since 2014. She achieved straight A’s all through the denturist program and, after graduation, she interned at the Comox Denture Clinic. After learning as much as she could from her mentor, Jan, she was able to pass the provincial licensing exams on her first attempt. Chelsea is thrilled to work in Comox (where she was born) and to help the people of the Comox Valley.

Fun fact: Chelsea has an honours degree in English Literature. She loves a good book and she’s never one to pass up on having a look through a bookstore.

Michael Wood, R.D.

Michael is a registered Denturist. He started out at the clinic while he was still in the Canadian armed forces when he was looking to change careers. He quickly discovered an interest in dentures and was accepted into a denturist program. After completing school, Michael returned to the Comox Denture Clinic to do his internship and he has been there ever since. He successfully earned his full license in 2021. Michael is always happy to help patients figure out what the best course of action is for them. He’s great at problem solving and he can fix almost anything. Michael spent a large part of his youth in the Comox Valley and he has always felt like it’s his home. He’s grateful every day to live in such a wonderful place and to be helping people from all around the area.

Brenda Kingston

Brenda has been working for Jan since 1990. She’s usually the first face you see when you arrive at the Comox Denture Clinic and it’s typically her voice you’ll hear if you phone us. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to dentures. If you have a question, she likely has the right answer.

Fun fact: Brenda is extremely crafty. She can cross stitch circles around most people and she makes amazing hand-made cards for all occasions.

Dentures that make you smile!

We provide a friendly, welcoming environment where you can discuss your oral healthcare needs. We work directly with you so that we can recreate your natural smile.

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