Our Services

The Comox Denture Clinic offers a variety of denture services and treatments. Consultations are free so we can really understand your needs and go over treatment options and plans that suit you best.

At the Comox Denture Clinic, we offer a full range of denture services for you and your loved ones. We are able to fabricate most dentures right in our in-house lab. Our Denturists will work with you and keep you involved in the process of making your denture. After all, you’re the one wearing it. We want you to speak, eat and smile with confidence.

We offer free consultations with no obligation and we are happy to provide a wheelchair accessible office.

Our Services include:

Complete / Full Dentures

At the Comox Denture Clinic, we make complete dentures right in-house. Each set of dentures is made specifically for each patient

Partial Dentures

If you are missing some of your natural teeth you are most likely a candidate for a partial denture

Dentures Over Implants

Complete/full removable dentures supported by implants offer you an ability to chew that is unparalleled to what conventional full dentures can offer.

Dentures Over Prepared Roots

Dentures can be fabricated over roots that have been prepared by your Dentist. And, those roots will help your denture in fit and function.

Immediate Dentures

Immediates can be fabricated ahead of time, before the extractions, so that you are never without teeth.


A rebase is a great way to make an old denture feel new again. Typically, we offer same-day rebases because we know it can be difficult to be without your denture.


A reline is a quick way to get your denture fitting like new again.

Soft Reline

These materials are much softer on your gums but don’t offer the longevity that standard denture acrylic does.

Denture Repair

No matter how or why your denture broke, we can probably fix it. Most repairs are same day and often within just an hour.

Name Insertion

Having your name inside your denture can save you a lot of time and money! This becomes especially important if you or a loved one lives in a senior’s community or a care facility.

Dentures that make you smile!

We provide a friendly, welcoming environment where you can discuss your oral healthcare needs. We work directly with you so that we can recreate your natural smile.

Rebase & Relines