Removable partial denture wearers always need to pay attention to the metal clasps on their partial. Most partial dentures are built over a metal framework that is designed specifically for the person wearing it. The small metal protrusions on such a framework are very specifically designed for each and every person’s mouth. Remaining teeth in the mouth are used as a support system for the partial and the two fit together like puzzle pieces. Partial dentures are designed in a way that will keep the denture seated in your mouth while you talk and eat but won’t cause damage to your remaining teeth.

If a metal clasp on a partial denture is bent then it will change how the denture fits. When cleaning your partial, take it out of your mouth and hold it in one hand while you brush it with the other. You can use a denture brush or a regular toothbrush. Hold the denture in a way that blocks off the metal clasps as you brush around them by covering them with your fingers as you go along. If you catch a clasp with your brush you could bend it by accident.

Every single time you put your partial denture in your mouth you should use your fingers to get it seated into place. Never bite down to seat your partial denture. If you bite down to get the partial in place you could end up bending the metal clasps. The force of your bite is very strong and it is very likely that when you bite down you are forcing the partial denture into place. By forcing the denture into place, you could not only damage the partial denture but also your remaining teeth. Finger pressure is all that should be needed to get your partial denture into place.

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