Sometimes when we tell people we’re Denturists they ask, “What’s that?” The answer is simple, we work with dentures! Denturists in BC are trained to make dentures right in their own offices. Typically, Denturists have their own labs right in their clinics and they will fabricate a denture for you right on site. We work on dentures that are removable from the mouth. If someone has no top teeth left or no bottom teeth, we can make a denture that fits against the remaining teeth. If someone has none of their natural teeth left then we can fabricate a complete denture. These types of denture can be fabricated, start to finish, “in house”. Our clinic, like many other denture clinics in BC, is equipped to allow us to make your denture right in our lab.

If someone is missing one or a few teeth on the top or bottom of their mouth then they might be a candidate for a partial denture. Partial dentures can help people regain their smile as well as the surfaces needed to effectively chew food. Also, it can help keep the remaining teeth in the mouth from “tipping”. There are many benefits to partial dentures and Denturists in BC work closely with Dentists and with Dental Technicians to make them. Denturists can also fabricate complete dentures that are over implants and repair, reline and rebase dentures. There is a wide range of things that we are trained to do. If you are ever wondering if a Denturist can help you then just call us and ask! We are happy to answer any questions you may have. And, if we are not able to help you, we can almost always point you in the direction of someone who can.

Dentures that make you smile!

We provide a friendly, welcoming environment where you can discuss your oral healthcare needs. We work directly with you so that we can recreate your natural smile.

Rebase & Relines